Blockchain Tutorials

AlgoHub and PyTeal Tutorials

I have recently been playing with Algo and going through the newly created AlgoHub PyTeal Developer course.

For my development IDE I decided to go with VSCode, why you ask? I guess it is becoming abit of a standard for blockchain development and my Spydr IDE I tend to use more for financial modelling.

The course was well laid out, the videos could have had higher resolution on the code snippets but using my zoom tools helped here. The first set of videos get you up and running with deploying a smart contract onto the testnetwork and then also have you playing around in the debugging. The second set of playlists where more focused on local state and building out the begingings of a DApp on Algorand.

There where alot of tools and tutorials provided on Algo Developer hub and you can get lost for day reading around on links without getting your hands in the code so its best to start with the videos I feel. I also ended up doing the pyteal course provided by they also recommedned you do the Algorand pyteal you tube video playlist, however, they also provide their own labs and project for you to work on. I found the both resources combined was enough to get me feeling comfortable with some of the CLI tooling such as goal. The development environment docker container was also easy to install and get up and running and I seemed to have no major problems there apart from waiting for testnet to update but in saying that it was a quick sync compared to most blockchains.

There is alot more I need to go through but by using the AlgoHub Lab coursework as a launching pad I feel I can tackle larger tutorials with more confidence.