Blockchain Conference

Crypto Con Gold Coast – 2022

This year I ended up sitting on a panel on Saturday, day one of the conference to discuss “getting a job in Blockchain Development”. The talk went well and I was accompained by an amazing panel. I am not sure if it was video captured but if it was I will put the link up.

Some of the key take aways:

Your never to early

Discord is your friend, join a channel

it is still early so set a notifiation on seek and linked in for jobs with your dream title they could be around the corner

Go to meetups and network

Used linkedIn as a great source to keep in contact and build a network

Youtube and online courses are a good place to start

Dont be afraid to try building on different blockchains you do not need to stick to one

Dont be afraid to keep working in a web2 job whilst your building a web3 portfolio