Linux Conf Canberra

30 January – 1 Febaury

Another year another LinuxConf… lol that has become my saying since 2009 🙂 this years LinuxConf was great the location was fantastic and managed once again to get myself a room at the student accommodation which is something I recommended. Why student accommodation  you ask well because that really is where all the cool cats hang so in the evenings there is always groups of people around and little pop-up hack events and well just great conversations with like minded people.

This year I missed the min-confs and I will not be doing that again as the line-up was great and everyone was raving about them. The keynotes were fantastic Tim Berners Lee so enough said there and we also got a pre-dinner chat from Kryetn aka Robert Llewellyn (in RL) Then we were put on a bus out the observatory hill for a BBQ and drinks networking night of fun.

It was great to have my good friend Øyvind Kolås around for the event, it was his first LinuxConf and I think he enjoyed himself enough to apply as a speaker some time in the near future. I could say what the highlights were but how do you do this at a LinuxConf? Where every talk is done by a key player in that technology and every talk is simply amazing.

Next years LinuxConf 2014

Next year we are off to Perth 😀 This is awesome as I now have an excuse to head off to Perth. Another great thing about this is that Luke John whom I had the privilege of sharing a student accommodation with on his first LinuxConf at Ballarat is heading it up… Oh what to say about Luke… All I will say is what we said when we first meet this enthusiastic kid “The future is in great hands” 2014 also sees a departure from the all volunteer ran event where a portion of the work will be done by a professional conference organisation company. I for one welcome this move as I know with OSDC organisation it is a killer to do so much on your own and to expect a group of volunteers to be able to keep up the time schedules. We are all getting older now dare a say it and have alot of family and work commitments. I think getting the professional company involved will help to ensure the LinuxConf success.

but hey its family

For alot of us a LinuxConf in Australia is about family, its about that one time in the year you take off for a week learn alot of cool stuff but you also get to see people whom are just like your family except better you actually like talking to them 😉 and when you come along to a LinuxConf for the firat time you soon enough realise you have stepped into a body of awesome people who support and help each other and at the end of the say that is why we do Open Source…. We do it because it is a great environment of learning, sharing and caring… now I am left to do the inevitable come down from LinuxConf 2013 and counting the days down until 2014 where I will once again catch up with good friends and family.