DrupalCon Sydney & that #hashtag

Well DrupalCon Sydney went off with a bang and was a fantastic event. I ran around for the large part of it performing my role as Social Media Lead. My role was made harder by the fact that there was a consorted spam attack on the @DrupalCon account which seemed to be coming from a small group of people. This was not occurring because the #DrupalCon was trending. The good news is we managed to get rid of the consorted attacks and after a couple of hours of them realising we were not changing the hashtag and a failing of their small campaign to get people to use another hashtag they gave up.

There are many reasons for keeping a global hashtag, mainly DrupalCon is a global event it occurs two to three times a year and in a different place every time. This means that you get people following the hashtag from all around the world and people who have saved hashtag searches so they can follow all the events. Another reason is that the @DrupalCon account used to be localised but the decision was made to make it global for the same reasons as the hashtag because if you gain 300 followers with @DrupalConSyd then next conference you change it to @DrupalConPrg then you lose those 300 followers and people who follow need to know they need to follow the new account and there is no way to maintain a history.

So all is well that ends well and in the end we had the @DrupalCon account and hashtag preserved and ready to hand across to the Portland event. It was a great event to be apart of though after 9months of volunteering it was nice to have it completed and sit back and enjoy a beer at the triva night.

See you all at the next DrupalCon, I think I might be missing Portland due to commitments but hoping to make Prague.