Back in Sydney

So after spending most of the year in America and some great opportunities on offer I decided to head homeward bound. There was a couple of major factors that made me and the highest one was that my Grandmother (Nuna as you would say in Maltese) was diagnosed with the late stages of Lung Cancer. Most people who know me know that my Nuna means the world to me and to not be around her at her death would be a tragedy I could not bear.

So sadly I left the United States knowing all well I will be back for more adventures but sometimes you just have to head home and I have spent the past few years with most of my time away from family and overseas. I am looking forward to coming home and being around old friends and family take sometime out to recuperate, build up some finances and then be ready to head back out into the world again.

Life is always a journey the destination is never quite clear and we can never predict the bumps along the way. I headed out at the beginning of this year with an ideal to be in the USA on the Mozilla project until 2016. But some projects are shorter then others, sometimes finances get in the way, and sadly sometimes people get sick. And your journey continues…

An old Scottish man once said to me “I dont like it when people say that you fall of the tracks and just try to get back on them, you see I never fell off no tracks if I changed my direction it was because thats the direction I was meant to be headed in. Its my life and it will take the course it needs to”

So it is with a heavy heart I leave USA as I made a lot of close and dear friends in Portland and Seattle and they are places I will be back to and places I have been lucky to live and call home.