Lesons learnt from “That Request”

My final response to the Beauty and the Geek email saga as I am labeling it. I will be attending future Geek Girl events and will continue to support it however I also think that lessons need to be learnt as we all learn lessons in life to make us better people.

I believe the main issue‚ here fall under two categories;

1. the use of the word ‚reward‚ as pointed out by Amaya aka ‚prize‚
2. The misleading first email that disclosed nothing of the nature of the request as pointed out by Michelle

The lessons learnt from this also fall into two categories I feel

1. Channel 7 use of words is sexist and offensive
2. The wording of an initial mis-leading email which could of been and should of been worded better

When we collect peoples email addresses for mailing lists we are also taking on a terms and conditions and also respect for those people who provided them. Therefore we take on the responsibility that we should honour those people by fully disclosing the nature of requests.

I do not feel that anyone has been directing there frustration at anyone person they have been directing it and the frustration of the two points mentioned for the two reasons mentioned.

From this we should learn and embrace the lessons and also as many have said many times when sending emails ensure you word them correctly or you may be misunderstood something I am sure has happened to us all in not only our careers but also in personal life?

To finish I would like to say as I stated before If the first email was worded correctly I would not have said I was interested which would of not lead to the second email being sent which would not have lead to me feeling belittled and offended. I for one feel not frustrated but I do hold hope that the above two mentioned lessons will be learn’t and taken on board.