Copenhagen DrupalCon 2010

Definite highlight of the year attending Drupal Con Copenhagen. Meet so many interesting people got to chat with alot of different companies about Drupal development and the increasing need for good drupalistas.

I arrived in Copenhagen two days before the conference so I could check out the sights. Wow what a beautiful, charming city. The conference went for five days including the hack days which were attended 😀 There was lots of talks, probably my favorite is one that i missed which as a talk on “Organic Groups”. The talks that I saw was definitely the keynote by Rasmus.

I volunteered for some work on one day which was great as I got a great “Drupal Crew” t-shirt. It was also a great way to meet alot of people, as I was working on the information desk.

All over it was a fantastic conference and one that I will never forget. Looking forward to DrupalCon London.