DevWorld, The Good The Bad The VoiceOver

Once again I found myself back at the amazing DevWorld for a second year running, thanks for the wonderful team for asking me to speak as always was an absolute pleasure. The talk I gave was around IOS and accessibility features that developers can take advantage of when building apps. I tried to make the talk technical enough without going into too much code detail, I am finding it hard to convey the needed information for accessibility talks :/ it is always hard to try to gauge the audience and what there background is, aka are they aware of accessibility? have they had to make an app accessible before? are they still thinking this is cool but why does it matter? So for this talk I tried to make some assumptions around those three areas in order to provide a deeper look at the technical side of iOS accessibility development.

I actually had alot of fun researching and delivering this talk, I have recommended changes for iOS applications in the past to meet accessibility criteria. However I had never dug really deep into the code, Sometimes the problem of being an architect is that your always explaining to people how data [packets] travel between different areas that you sometimes don’t get the time to actually dive deep into the code. So having the excuse of giving a talk forced me to take on some pro bono work in the area to skill up on the code challenges faced.

Thanks for another great year team, the conference dinner was amazing as usual Paul Fenwick gave us his unique look into the future and what possible catastrophes we might face and how we can avoid them, in a way only Paul can of course 😉 such a highlight of this conference and I feel bad saying that because truly it is a fantastic conference that I highly recommended. Friendly environment, great people, oh and talks to Oscar who helped me avoid some unwanted attention (from non conference attendees) it was nice to know without even having meet some of the conference team they handled the situation and made me feel as if they where old friends who had my back for years lol just want you need. So with all that mentioned if your using a Mac or Apple products or even are keen to learn about mobile development/design/business management/testing/accessibility put this conference on your list, and don’t feel afraid to reach out to the conference organisers, they are truly a lovely bunch of humans that make this event one of Australias premier technical conferences.