CMS Expo night

4 December

CMS Expo night was held at the King St Brewhouse last night as part of Open Source Developers Conference. The evening started with drinks and food and then followed with a series of talks. The line-up for the talks was;

  • “”Accelerate your Agency on Windows Azure”” – Cory Fowler -¬†Microsoft
  • “”Why Drupal”” – Owen Lansbury – Previous Next – DrupalCon Lead Organiser
  • “”Looking Good and Making Money with Drupal”” (Drupal Commerce Case Study) -¬†Ryan Cross – Cross Functional – Drupal Sydney Organiser
  • “”Extending your CMS with a CRM”” ¬†Chris Ward – Civi-CRM Melbourne Organiser
  • “”Why Governments love Plone”” (Plone CaseStudy) Dyan Jay – PetraWeb ¬†- Plone¬†Contributor
  • “”Templating with Diazo”” Dyan Jay – PetraWeb ¬†- Plone¬†Contributor
  • “”Powered by Joomla”” (Joomla Case Study) – Peter Bui – PBWeb Development- Joomla Day Sydney Organiser

Normally Open Source Developers Conference runs mini-conference days this year due to the organisational capacity and the room hires for the event we decided to run the smaller CMS Expo evening. The evening went well and the talks and question time provided the attendees with information about various types of Open Source Content Management systems as well as a talk by Cory Fowler from Microsoft on how Azure can be used to host a Content Management System.  It was a small night though we managed to have a good feed and use up all the bar tab. The networking time was great and most people got to meet new faces and also catch up with some old faces as well.

I would of hoped for a more dedicated space as during the evening there was another party going on which made it hard for sound interference though given the smaller budget for the event I think we were able to pull off a good night. My main aim for the night was really to get people to mingle provide some before conference entertainment and also shed some light on the different types of Content Management Systems and tools around the Open Source space.