WordCamp Brisbane

So I flew down to Brisbane to attend WordCamp, the main WordPress Conference in Australia. It is run over the weekend for two days with two streams and an evening of drinks and food on Saturday. The breakdown of genders at the conference was amazing there was a near 50/50 split for attendees and speakers. There was also a great focus on catering for accessibility with Australian Sign Language translator present.

The mixture of talks also seemed like a quite even split between technical and non technical. The quality of speakers was very high with quite a nice injection of international speakers. There was quite a few Japanese speakers present at the conference, who where quite eager for a culture exchange of beer and cheese 😀 We ended up taking the Japanese crew out for local beers and good discussions and learnt alot about the Japanese WordPress community.

One of my favourite talks was around accessibility auditing and areas to consider on your website when developing a template. There was a great deep dive talk in page load speeds and the journey of some of the more proven ways in WordPress you can reduce your site load. Also a great talk on BrainTree API integration for WordPress which was accompanied by an 8bit cartoon to tell the story of the API Wizard.

WordCamp Brisbane was AWESOME, a great weekend all round, what can I say WordCamp makes me Happy.