Edinburgh Tech-Meetup

Arrived in Edinburgh on the 29th of July to visit my close friend Anand Kumria. Long 29 hour journey and three planes later, it was good to catch up and stay with Anand, finally catching up after not seeing him for 2months when last in Sydney. Anand Kumria is a fellow Linux / Open source architect, who is currently developing in Python as well as many other things.

Anand had mentioned that the Tech Meet-up in Edinburgh was looking for speakers and asked if I wanted to give a talk on the Xo/OLPC project.

I had bought two Xo laptops with me to Scotland to show people and take around the conferences. Marius Ciocanel an organiser of the Edinburgh Tech-Meet up organised for me to present a talk about OPLC Australia and the XO laptop technology stack.

It was a Great night and I meet some lovely people. With many deep technical discussions had throughout the night. I also meet another Geek Girl there Kate Ho, who invited me to present the talk at Edinburgh Geek Girls next Dinner. I could not refuse the offer 😀

Edinburgh Tech-Meet up is organised through the European Union who provide free pizza and beers. Edinburgh University holds the event and it is organised by various people, please see tech-meetup website. Was great to meet likeminded people and discuss cognitive Load Theory and also development of apps for the Xo.