London HackerSpace

On the 29th of September 2010 I managed to make my way to the London Hackspace. I boarded on the train and made my way to Victoria station where I was going to change trains to Hoxton and though I would take a smoke break. When I returned to walk down to the station it was boarded up with police standing in the way. Supposedly there was a bad smell reported and people where ill so they closed the station.

Not knowing what to do I grabbed a trusty black cab and headed off to Hoxton. After the exciting journey I was even more excited to get to hackerspace. I had meet Sam who is a Hackerspace member at the Over the Air conference another fellow Linux Geek.

The set-up is fantastic, got to meet some lovely people, and of course see there maker bot. Stayed until late in the evening and enjoyed pizza and hacking away on ubuntu. Was excited when I got to see the new kindle 3 very nice, I need an excuse to update my kindle 2.

Was a great night and fantastic space. They have a great set-up, lots of tools and as I stated the maker bot. But then what hacker space is complete without a maker bot. Many thanks to Sam and the other hackers to welcoming me in for the day and evening and feeding me.

If your ever in London stop by, just take the above ground train to Hoxton.