Civi-CRM Training

I was able to attend Civi-CRM training whilst in London.

The guys from Civi-CRM walked us through the database structure, main code base folder/file structure and the templating system. Civi actually still uses smarty so even though the default drupal templating system is PHP template to change Civi templates your writing Smarty.

We learnt how to write code to create Civi-CRM form elements, posting the data into the database and exposing through Civi-CRM and Joomla/Drupal. Whilst this can be done through the GUI and is advised that way and alot quicker. We did this to understand how the Civi framework works. I really enjoyed this structure as I got to dive quite deep into Civi-CRM. Great course and fantastic trainers I am so glad I got to make this one as once again these guys don’t come out to Australia much.

Unfortunately I was not able to be there the full time of the course but I was able to learn about Drupal Hooks for civi-CRM.