Brighton Bar Camp

The last weekend before I had to leave the UK the Brighton Bar Camp was on the 2 and 3 September 2010. This was great it meant another excuse to spend a weekend at @stevepurkiss place in the sun near the beach.

It was a great venue held at the the Skiff in Brighton where Steve works on his Drupal projects. We got there early on the Saturday to help set-up. I was quite amazed at how quickly the place got pulled together with everyone’s help. There was a number of rooms set-up all ranging in size and location being spread across three buildings.

The first talk and most memorable talk was Jeremy Keith’s CSS3 talk. He spoke about media queries and how they can be easily implemented in sites. He showed some live demos and also discussed the cons against using calls that look at the specific device over calls that look at the actual browser application screen size.

In the spirit of Bar Camp I gave a short presentation on OLPC Xo technology stack. I brought two Xo’s with me to show people and hand around during my talk. The presentation went well, it was a very small room and had about 7 people attend the talk so the room size worked well.

At the end of the Saturday there was drinks and chats continued. With more bar camp talks planned for Sunday. A great event and well planned, was a pleasure to attend, and happy to lend a hand in setting up.