Drupal Meet-up London – August

The 31st of August started with me boarding a train in Edinburgh to Kings Cross London. I had pre booked a table seat which was good so I could catch up on blogging and work on the laptop. Got into Kings Cross 30mins late and headed straight to the hotel to unpack and meet up with @stevepurkiss for Druapl meet-up.

We headed down to Hoburn where we caught up with other people that we meet at Drupal Con Copenhagen and chatted Drupal and drank beers. It was a great night alot of people turned out and I meet a group of new people plus Neil who puts on the evening a lovely guy.

The funny thing was that the same night the couch sleeping people where having a meet-up in the same pub. Normally the London Drupal Pub meet-up is on the Monday but because there was a bank holiday on the Monday they moved it to Tuesday. This added for alot of entertainment during the night however it did get quite crowded but for some reason it was easy to tell the two crowds apart