Lonix Meet-up – Sept 2010

Attended the London Drupal meet-up on the 1 September 2010. Where I was informed about the London Linux meet-up that was happening the next night.

I headed into meet the guys at a lovely old English pub that had an interesting pully system. The group meet up stairs in the meeting room, however there was no bar upstairs. However there was this small wooden elevator with a pencil and a pad inside. You write your drink order on the paper as well as some money for your order. You then release the elevator rope so it went back down to the bar. Within a couple of minutes you hear a bell ring and you start to pull the rope to get the elevator back up. You open the small door and there is your drink inside, with a receipt and change. The guys found it so funny that I was quite taken back by the drink elevator. What an amazing idea, we sure did have some interesting inventions in ye ole times.

After spending two hours in the pub the group headed to a local restaurant for dinner and continued discussions about Linux. It was a great night and hoping to get to one more meet-up before heading back to Australia.