Headed down to Brighton to see D Construct after I was lucky enough to be able to purchase a ticket from someone who could not make it. It was a great conference went with @stevepurkiss and had a lovely tour around Brighton town.

The conference was amazing and inspirational. It reinvigorated my taste for research and desire to get my paper finally written. As I have said before never been to much of a font fan and typography however this conference has taught me why and how it is important. Now I am not saying I have become a fan or found a new love in life just that I can see what people go on about now so a good insight to gain.

The conference ended on a high note with a talk about how being the biggest nerd you can be will help you stay ahead of the cutting edge. I really enjoyed the conference and hope to be back next year and line it up with Over the Air and DrupalCon.