Drupal meet-up Manchester

7 September

So I took the Virgin fast train down to Manchester to visit Paul Johnson to attend the Manchester UK Drupal meet-up and to discuss Drupal con Sydney Social Media Lead responsibilities. The trip down was great as I had received a first class ticket from Virgin due to the problems with the Glasgow to London train. Comfortable ride, nice food and great wifi. I stayed at an old hotel near the train lines. It reminded me of one of those old UK movies 5 stories high and filled with photos of old english movie stars.

The Drupal meet-up was fun, there was talks and then some one on one Drupal help. I got there just after the talks and was able to attend some one on one training and help out some people with their Drupal problems. In fine Drupal tradition we all headed to the pub for beers and more Drupal discussions. The next day I caught up with Paul and was able to get to low down on what is needed for the Drupal Con social media lead responsibilities. There is alot of work to take on it is monitoring of the @DrupalCon account and also the facebook page. Thanks to Paul for all his good work as he has set-up some global guidelines etc.

In true me tradition after the coffee and chat about Drupal Con I jumped on the train and headed back to London where I meet up with some friends to jump on a train to Brighton and the Maker Faire… Why are all my trips to Europe so filled of trains, meetings,¬†conferences¬†and geek discussions, I do so love travelling in Europe these are things that one misses when im back in Australia there is still alot of the same just not so many meet-ups not so many trains and wow Virgin Trains we need them in Australia.