Geek Girl Dinners Scotland – 2010

After my presentation at Edinburgh tech meet-up I meet Kate Ho from Scotland Geek Girls who asked me if I would like to present at the September dinner. I was pleasantly surprised and quite taken back by the offer. I spent the next while polishing up my slides to represent more about what OLPC as a project does rather then just a pure technology stack look which was the angle I took for the Edinburgh tech meet-up.

Before the talk I meet up with @android_dreams (Chris) and @webmeter (Janine)

The talk was held at Microsoft’s Edinburgh office 15 September 2010, and wow what an office. The dinner was held on the roof top garden which provided a magnificent view over the whole of Edinburgh. There was two talks for the night the first one was a career orientated talk. The talk was very useful as Josie gave tips and tricks she found during her corporate career. We then broke for a buffet dinner, which Kate grabbed for me so I would have enough time to eat before the talk, cheers Kate 😉

The talk went well and attendees where engaged asking questions. The questions were interesting most around why a country as rich as Australia still need program like OLPC to assist children, and also around Australia as a country in general. It was interesting to see so many people keen to hear about the program and felt it was a good step to reducing the gap for Australia’s poorest kids.

After the talks some of us continued on for drinks and geek discussions. It was a great night and thanks heaps to Geek Girls Scotland for inviting me along.