Learning Sydney Career Night

“11 July

Thank you all for attending the Drupal as a Career, Drupal as a Business night. The night recived great reviews and provided insightful tips about how people started their careers and also about the larger Drupal eco-system. I have been asked to provide a link to the presentations on the night and belive is a better place to share this information then just on From feedback it seems the structure of the night was very popular, the pub allowed people to network before and after the event. Due to the feedback I will be looking at running four yearly events in the King St Brewrey, updates will be posted on and meet-up under Learning Drupal Sydney. Big thanks to the sponsors for Learning Drupal Sydney, so far the main sponsors of our nights have been, Acquia, Cross Functional, Demonz and myself (aimeemaree). If you are able to help sponsor a night please contact me direct always looking for more help 😀 I would also like to say thank you to John Kennedy for providing a great talk before he left for the UK to start his new role as UK Regional Manager for Commerce Guys. We wish you success in your new role growing Drupal business across UK and Ireland and hope to see you back in Australia for future presentations. Presentations in order of appearance on the night Aimee Maree Forsstrom – Drupal¬¥s growth in the Australian Marketplace Choung Vu – Nuturing Drupal Developers (The SunCorp Story) Owen Lansbury – The Previous Next Story John Kennedy – The Drupal Community as an eco system (growing Drupal business) Chris Harrop – Acquia Overview for the Asia Pacific Market”