Steve Jobs Video Links

“Recently stumbled across a bunch of old Steve Jobs… Disregarding the obvious downsides to the man, I do enjoy these videos and see them as a part of IT History… It will be interesting to watch what happens to Apple and the Cult of Mac now he has passed?

Rare footage of Steve Jobs in 1980

This is amazing this one here he basically paints the picture for the future of personal computing. In 1980 he discusses the business places that we all know today. He also discusses what Apples main aim was, to bring computing into the homes of everyone, this was long before IBM had any idea that personal computing would be a success they were building super computers.

Steve Jobs 1990 Lost Interview

Part 1

The First Macintosh Documentary

In this one you meet some of the visonary team that created the Macintosh. When Xerox executives thought the mouse was a joke, Steve Jobs new it was the future and thought the mouse and the GUI would be the thing that enabled the average person to use a computer. This was long before Bill Gates thought of stealing the idea of Apple for Windows.

Steve Jobs building NeXT

The Steve Jobs ’95 Interview for Smithsonian’

This is a rare interview where Steve discusses his upbringing and what shapped him as a person. Love this one it gives you a good insight to his humanity and humility.

Steve Jobs explainng icloud in 1997