You Tube

All i can say is you tube,
where have you been all my life.

It is my belief that you tube had a major playing part in dismantling the necessity for tv in today’s youth. From research i have looked into it is clear that people of generation y (America, UK, Australia) believe that TV is not as important as the Internet. They fear loss of the internet over loss of TV.

I believe that You Tube is a major player in showing people the ability of the web to deliver media. and also allowed people a way to express themselves to a world wide audience.

Personally I could not imagine life without you tube, next to TED it has fundamentally changed the rate at which i can access information. I have found that I tend to learn best when receiving both images and sound. Video sharing sites like you tube and TED allows for a large amount of information to be conveyed from one to many people any time of any day.