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Living Computer Musuem

I was happy to learn about the Living Computer Museum located in Seattle. We headed down for a Sunday to go and see the collection of Retro Computers. I felt like a kid in a candy store it was awesome. There is so many old machines in working order, the cool thing is that they allow you to actually use the machines. We created a punch card from one of the old IBM Punch Card Machines which was pretty cool.

I would recommend a visit to the Museum if you are visiting Seattle it is a great idea to preserve the history of computing and also to have actual live working machines. One goal of the Museum is to have a living history aka working machines so they are busy at repairing the current machines they have and growing their collection of working machines. Oh did I mention they have a group of older computers with some of the older games that you can sit down and play, was awesome as they had Kings Quest, Karateka to name a couple. Hats off to the museum as I think it is a real treasure for the Computing world.

2013-04-28 16.18.37

Collection of the photos I took from the Living Computer Museum on Flickr 82 photos in total 🙂 I could not help myself and with all those photos I still did not capture the whole collection 😉