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Mozilla 15th Anniversary

Today is Mozilla’s 15th Anniversary of keeping the web open, it is an amazing story and one that was born from the browser war days. What started off as Netscape and a battle between them and Internet Explorer who did at one stage try to and won a domination battle of the web. Well from there after defeat by Microsoft, Netscape decided to open source its code… from there the Mozilla project was born. I don’t think I need to tell people how much I love Mozilla that has never been a quiet fact, i think some key reasons why are;

  • Pursuing Open Standards
  • Running the Company with a Non for Profit Foundation behind them
  • Showing the world that when a company kills a great product a group of hackers around the word can continue to improve on it and make it a force to be reckoned with

Thanks Mozilla for keeping the Open Web alive, it is good to know at least one company is fighting the good cause….

For a full timeline of the project;