Suse Love Fest

The other week at SLUG i was told about how the SUSE project is coming along nicely and just how solid the kernel is. I was a bit taken back i must admit. I used SUSE back in the day right up until the first version of SUSE under Novell. But then i never seemed to use it again. Now i should admit to being a lover of the Big Red N the first certification I ever received was Certified Novell Administrator and was also once offered a job with then (i turned it down to work with Subaru sometimes i wonder mmmm what if, what if). But i am really not being bias when i say that at the moment i am having a SUSE love fest… check out

i am loving the 3D three screen cube flip… mmmm nice GUI and some real good packages out at the moment.. Still need to try WINE on it but i should get around to that mid week and i am expecting to be pleasantly surprised.