My response to Kate Lundy

I am upset about the filter stance by Labour. I have posted some comments on Kate Lundys blog however i also want to share them here. Just the first set of questions i would liked answered by Kate or Stephen or Kevin for that matter.

**Post to Pia on Kate Lundys Blog

I have tried to word five questions below that i believe the Australian people need to know;

1.Stephen Conroy has come out on radio and stated that he will be filtering individual urls, which means page by page. please confirm?

2.he has stated that the filter will impact speeds at 70th of the blink of an eye, however this will effect people on low speeds in the bush significantly has and will this be explained to them?

3.he also stated that 10,000 is the limit that Telstra said that the network could handle without major slow downs… if we are blocking per url then how in the hell are we not going to reach 10,000 within the first week? If we block per page url not domain then what this means is that if each website had 1000 pages each (very very easy for a porn site to do) we can only block 10 websites effectively without effecting speeds, how will you address this matter?

4.What assurances will Kevin Rudd put in place to ensure that the filter does not reach 10,000 and effect speed degradation as pointed out in the Telstra filter trial?

5.Why does Conroy and Lundy keep on saying that Australia will be like other democracies who have a filter like Italy and Finland however you fail to mention to the public that those countries have an opt in filter not mandatory?

My life and existence is technology, computers, the internet and people 🙂

Hence my deep concern on what is being proposed to occur in the country i live, work, study, research and wish to raise my family in. I truly can not believe what is being proposed, it makes my 8bit heart die inside :'(