Linux Conf 2011

Another fine Linux Conference, this year held in sunny Brisbane. Although it was not to sunny having seen floods that created one of the largest natural disasters that Australia has ever seen. This said I and others where skeptical of not the conference organizers ability to pull off the conference but more the infrastructures ability to as a flood ripped through the University campus that the conference was going to be held on. On the week before the conference the organiser’s rushed together and somehow pulled of moving the conference from one campus which was damaged by the flood to another campus that was higher off ground. The feat was pulled off and the conference commenced.

Highlights as always the dinner was great. This year they held a trivia contest with some of the hardest questions I think I have ever heard asked of uber geeks. So none the less to say no we did not win and not one team got all the questions right.

The keynote talks where amazing and worth a watch if you where unable to attend.

Vincent G Cerf

Geoff Huston

Mark Pesce

If you have never been to a Linux Australia Conference I urge you to have a look and consider coming along when it visits a capital city near you. The conference is structured so it allows for pricing for students, hobbyists and professionals. So even if you don’t consider yourself a professional linux user come along as a hobbyist or studying why not take advantage of the heavily reduced student prices.

All the conference talk videos can be found on the following link, so even if you weren’t there you can still get saturated with the information.