bitcoin podcast

The other day I was interviewed for a pod cast about BitCoin and its current roller coaster ride on the exchange. In the past few months we have seen the price of one BitCoin move from around $30 to up to highs of $200.. The current rise started around the same time as the Geek Crisis which is not in-coincidental. If you are unaware at what happened, basically the government came in and said they were going to garnish bank accounts over a certain¬†threshold. This prompted a move from not only people in Greece but people in other countries to start to look into other means for storing there money. Another factor of any rise in currencies be it Gold or a countries currency is the perceived wealth that people place on the currency. Gold has been on a steady rise since the 90s due to the fact that people believe it is a safe place to store there wealth so more people buy the more the price goes up… in some ways basic maths, that is the problem with economics is that it is based on human perception more then it is on solid maths.

The poscast was taken by Angry Beanie who does an interesting podcast that covers many things related to technology and world wide affairs. I recommend a listen if your into technology, as he also has some great speakers.

I could go on more about why im interested in BitCoin and what I think BitCoin means but alot is covered in the podcast which link I have provided below. But I will say basically the idea and concept of BitCoin is like the original concept of GNU which then spawned the current world wide takeup of Open Source that we know today. Wheter or not BitCoin will be around in the next 10years we will yet see but one thing I do know is that de-centralised currencies are here to stay. People belive in them and the current global financial crisis has pushed this into the lime light even more. Money without Borders is a game changer and also a distruptive technology just like GNULinux was and whilst GNULinux is not the core kernel the concept and ideals from it are part of every peice of open source sofwtare like one day BitCoin core concepts and ideals will be a part of every digital currency.