Blockchain Conference

BitCoin Conference

14 to 16 September

Well like organising all conferences there is alot of work that goes in, and this one was no exception. The thing that made this conference different is that is aimed to be so much… It aimed to be something that presented BitCoin as well as other ideas that help to question society as we know it. I would of called this a futurist conference, why? Because everyone there helped to raise the question what if society did X or Y instead of A or B?

We had an amazing line-up of talks and I wish I could list them all here I think that people should seriously sit down and watch them, not to talk about the hard time we had actually getting them done lol.

The conference went off with a small start but it ended in a bang. We had a keynote from Richard Stallman on the first day, and after the first day we all headed off to a large dinner which was a great networking tool and kept people talking. Then there was the after party in downtown London where we spent the evening playing chip tunes… yes people Chip Tunes… It was awesome…

The next day was then filled with another day full of questioning talks from privacy extremists to Google programmers, to Financial Wizards to everyday all round tinkers, hackers and free thinkers.  Certainly one of the highlights of the talks was Birgitta Jørgensen, Maz Keiser, Jaromill, Frank Braun just to name a few.

There are plans to get another conference happening next year though try to make it more futurist focused as really that is what this conference was. Vibe magazine said “I have never seen so many anarchists in a per square metre” what one calls anarchists I call future thinkers… And that is what this conference did it presented a group of future thinkers not afraid to question where we are in society.

Some of my favorite videos from the Conference

Max Keiser

Richard Stallman – Keynote

Mike Hearn – The Future of BitCoin

Conference Website