DrupalCon Sydney 2013

As you might have heard at the DrupalCon Munich this year it was announced that there will be a DrupalCon in Sydney. This is the first time that DrupalCon will be in the Asia Pacific Area, some are talking about will this mean a continued yearly presence for the DrupalCon in Asia Pacific? This question I wish was a yes but as it stands the current DruaplCon in Sydney is aligned with Acquia launch into Sydney and limited to 300 people. The limit to 300 people is due to financial constraints regarding that a normal DrupalCon is around 1200 (Europe) or 3000 (America) people.

Is it bad or good this suits a strategic need? Who knows really at the end of the day it will help more people in Australia gain access to a line-up of international speakers which is always a good thing. What will happen to the community afterwards? Well hopefully the local camps and also the Drupal DownUnder national event which we worked hard to get into the landscape with other people (way to many forums posts on my work around that one) will continue.

What does this mean for me? Well for me I will be taking on the local lead for social media and get to work with some good Drupal Friends from Europe whom I have known since Copenhagen my first DrupalCon in Europe. So fun and games from here in, if you want to volunteer and help out please contact through and someone can help you out.

Any further details or questions also feel free to speak to me direct via email or, of course you can always ping @DrupalCon and I will be answering 😉