Geek Girls Dinner London 7th Aniversary

So arriving in London one of the first things I do is contact Geek Girl Dinners to see what is going on.. When I did I was happy to hear that they were looking for some people to talk. I was given the option of something serious related for Facebook HQ night or something light hearted and funny for the anniversary night. As I don’t normally do the funny thing I decided to go with the Anniversary talk and chose the topic of Trolls on the internet. Something I know alot about and I thought I could make into a funny talk.

I spent a couple of days doing some research for hilarious images and working up a great talk. The night of the Anniversary was WOW… lol I walked into Mozilla HQ into a room full of very smart women and standing in the corner was Kate Russell from BBC. If you don’t know Kate she is the female IT journalist from the BBC who also worked in the games industry and is a heavy¬†technologist¬†before she was a TV presenter / journalist. Had a great chat with Kate and she gave me some tips for not being intimidated and being able to be funny.

Kate presented first on the top iphone apps she uses and why. This was usefully and really hilarious a great talk and also really intimidating to go up after. Time was for my talk and I was nervous but I knew my material and well hey dealing with Open Source communities I know a thing or to about Trolls. The talk went really well and I had the audience laughing which was really great. Can I say again WOW, I presented after Kate Russel one of my all time heroes in the tech scene.

The awesome thing about Geek Girl Dinners is apart from giving you a great opportunity to present infront of large and friendly audiences you get opportunities like this to talk with women like Kate Russell. All around an inspiring talk thanks again London Geek Girls you Rock and Roll at the same time…