Learning Drupal London with Lullabot

During the Lullabot Advanced Module Development training the “Learning Drupal” meet-up group held a special meet-up at the place where we were training. There was a limited amount of places and was basically a sit down and talk Drupal with lullabot.

The night went well, there was lots of questions and everyone was in engaged with the content. @webchick got people to talk about there experiences with drupal and about a subject they were interested in. The Lullabot team then added some back-up information and other people in the room with experiene in that area joined in.

After the meet-up we all headed off to the pub for drinks, great night with @stevepurkiss and @wakko. Absolutely loving my time in London and with the London scene really wish I could stay longer looking forward to DrupalCon London.