Lullabot Advanced Module Workshop

I was pleased to be around in London at the time that Lullabot was there doing training. This was excellent as in Australia you do not really have exposure to deeper Drupal training I could not miss the opportunity.

The event was lovely, breakfast and lunch was fantastic and other facilities apart from the internet worked well. The internet well was not to bad but the last day of the course it seemed to not work well for us which hampered being able to run tests as due to my travel I was working on the cloud.

Thats where the handy t-mobile usb modem was very handy.

I learnt alot during the course. I was surprised to see that Lullabot had not had experience win multiple staging environment set-ups such as DEV > SIT > EDITING > PRODUCTION. However it makes sense as the sites they work on do not require that set-up as it is a very business/corporate brochure ware website set-up.

All and all a great week, made some modules, created some glue modules Learnt some tips and tricks and got some inside Drupal 7 information from @webchick.

I would have to admit I was blown away with the week. I felt bad on the last day as I was slightly tired due to me coming to the end of a three months geek trek across Europe. Once again Thanks to Lullabot trainers and key Drupal maintainers Angie, Addie and Ray.