Young Rewired State Finals

10 to 12 August

So the week was a success and the teams headed down to Birmingham to present there ideas. The Friday was spent locked up in rooms practicing their presentations and then finally presenting to a group of judges who would pick the winners for the Saturday presentation.

The Saturday presentation was huge there was about 500 people or more packed into the hall which was lit up with amazing sculptures and LED lighting effects. The winners then got to present their hacks and discuss how they built them and what technologies they used.

A great thing to see was that in the face of so many adults in the crowd the children got up and presented with clear voices and amazing technical skills. The diversity in the groups was huge there was alot of young girls who were providing back end code as well as design on the teams. Also the Rewired State Australian team was there which was nice to hear and see friendly faces and that good ole Aussie Accent lol something I miss on my travels.

Once again thanks ReWired state for letting me be apart of the event it was an amazing experience and I am hoping to come along next year and participate as a mentor.  Of course thanks to Mozilla who let us use their space the kids had a great time and produced some amazing hacks.

My team at Mozilla HQ outcome >> Tuney

DJ a party with a playlist that guests can add to, vote songs up and afterwards share or use as the start list for their own parties.