First day of Tech The Web

So yesterday was my first day at doing the Mozilla Teach the Web course… We had a live video session followed by a twitter chat [ see hashtag #teachtheweb ]  and were left with a list of cool things to make using the Mozilla online resources…

So what did I do?

I started with signing up to Mozilla Badges, I had known about this project for awhile but just not yet had time to play. So I headed over to and got myself a backpack to add my badges to. I have a Mozilla Persona account and I would recommend one for many other security etc reasons but also if you are going to play with Open Badges as it will easily add your badges to your backpack with your Persona. And then I started playing with the suggested tools.


thimble is a great online tool that lets you mash-up HTML / CSS code within an online editor. I was supposed to mash-up an introduction etc but I saw this cool project from the “Internet Defense League” and well I could not resist.  I love the image of the Cat Bat Sign awesome.. If your interested you can make your own mash-up here 

After I had fun mashing up some thimble projects I deiced to do the actual requested task of creating a profile page, you can make one of your own here

The profile page I created is here


Another task was using PopCorn to create a video/audio mash-up. I played with mixing up some projects on PopCorn and then I decided to make my own 😀 I chose an audio piece by a good friend of mine posted on Sound Cloud and then I used a You Tube video of photography stills, added in some text and also an image at the end. I enjoyed using PopCorn however I found the interface a little bit slow with the internet connection and a couple of time thought I had lost the project. You can save your projects but I am still learning about how to publish them for others to edit, or if that just happens when you publish a project? The interface was not as clear as I would of liked it to be.

What to do next?

Now I have to find a study group and keep on playing with Mozilla tools. I am glad I am doing the course as it is a great way to arm myself with resources to use in mentoring and also to show kids how to start creating and learning on the web.

Here Is my PopCron Remix “Open Standards = an Open Future”