If you want to contact me via irc my main handle is aimee_maree and I can be found on freenode server, most times on #debian or #fedora Two irc clients I recommend; Pidgin > More User friendly nice GUI  (both for Linux and PC) for security you will need to add encryption ISSI > Command Line based highly secure not as User friendly as Pidgin but ultra fast and secure  (both for Linux and PC)…

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Linux Tutorials

AlienWare and Linux Drivers

This year I purchased an AlienWare MX14… I have waited for one for along time and well this one is lovely… dual hard drives one 32GB SSD and another 1TB SATA drive… Two Video Cards… 32GB of RAM capacity… Three Monitor plugs yes I said three, HDMI, VGA, Mini Display Port… anyways drooling time over and to get to the nitty gritty… I love Linux (shock there right) and whilst I was happy to have…

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