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Zepto.js >> The Mozilla alternative to JQuery for Mobiles

Now with this title I am not saying that you should throw away JQuery etc… not at all… Lord knows I never will. But Mozilla has created a lighter version of JQuery to assist with Mozilla OS development and mobile HTML5 app development in general. When you download Mortar to have a play you will notice it is included. I am playing with Mortar and it is a great kit to get your started with HTML5…

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Mozilla OS >> It is no longer a pipe dream

“I have been following MozillaOS for awhile now but this week I got to meet some people in Mozilla HQ in London who were responsible for pushig it forward. I can not tell you how excited I was. I have been watching this project since its announcement as I feel that it will be a real game changer for the Mobile Marketpace. Why do I think this? There are a couple of reasons that I…

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Windows Phone Series 7

Windows Phone Series 7 is finally here I was lucky enough to attend the Sydney Windows User Group in March 2010 to watch a presentation by Nicholas Rand on Windows Phone 7 series. As soon as I heard him say Zune and XNA my ears got excited. Development for Windows Phone 7 will be done in XNA and Silverlight. I first looked at XNA code in November 2009, and attended the Image Cup Dev Camp…

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