Drupal meet-up – August 2008

Thursday, August 21st 2008

I nervously accepted to give a talk this month. Nervous as it as only been since April that I have been working extensively with Drupal. Only a month before just finishing my last custom content management system. I had worked alot with Joomla, Gallery, phpBB and multitudes of open source systems over the years but I had not really had a deep need to be exposed to Drupal. I had looked and played with it in Drupal 4.7 and 5 however I got more involved with Joomla, Gallery, PHPBB etc.

Anyways along story short I was nervous. It had only been a couple of months yet it had been a deep couple of months of nothing else but Drupal. I inherited a hacked Drupal 5 system and needed to rescue it. Plus I had another site in Jahia Java content management system that I needed to update. This lead to the decision of learning Drupal 5 so I can know what I need to do to upgrade the features in the site to Drupal 6, could it even be done. Which meant learning Drupal 6 and the best way upgrade the Jahia site into Drupal 6. That way when I built the team to do it they were not across multiple platforms once I migrated the sites I could hand it over to a team of PHP/Drupal developers.

Hence leading inevitably to me seeking fellow Drupal developers in Sydney and somehow presenting. It was a great night and went really well. The best thing is that I impressed myself with the knowledge I had gained. Showing me that I have been really have been deep within this framework.

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