LinuxCon Chicago

So getting selected for a talk at LinuxCon America was well what can I say a dream come true for me. I was very happy to also be talking about FireFoxOS and the use of Linux, a nice deep technical talk for my first one at a Linux Conference.

There is not much to say but WOW about the conference I had been to a LinuxCon Europe before but this was my first American one. It was fantastic the conference location right on the river in Chicago and a lineup of amazing deep technical talks and networking with some of the brightest minds in the Linux community. I gave my talk and it was well received one of my better talks I felt, and it was well received which is the main thing one aims for. During the week I got to enjoy some fantastic talks and of course Docker, Docker, Docker oh and the cloud has turned into some fog? On a serious note though there was a lot of Docker talks at the conference and you could tell that people where excited and the project was growing in momentum.

The talks I saw where A Grade and very deep technical dives just what you expect from a Linux Con. I also did attend some fantastic talks around taking Open Source into Enterprise and the lovely Leslie Hawthorn did a resume workshop where I learnt that my resume really does not reflect my skill set well :/ though I was aware I could write it better and it was a highly useful workshop.

All and all it was fantastic and next year is off to Seattle so fingers crossed I will be in a position to be able to attend I learnt so much and also got me thinking more about Containers 😉