MozFest London 2013

So I made it down to Ravensbourne for MozFest Opening night, it was set-up like a mini maker faire across two floors. There was tables laid out with different hacks, displays and information about the companies/people/technologies that will be showcased and played with during the festival. Mozilla also provided nibbles and drinks for the evening which was a great touch after a long train ride from Glasgow.

If you have never been to a Moz Fest I can give you a quick run down… it started life as Drum fest in Barcelona 2010 is the earliest I was involved… Mozilla then found the awesome venue of Ravensbourne in North Greenwich (London) where it has had its home since… There are plenty of stairs to climb overall 9 floors full of different hacker spaces, talks, workshops… Each space has its own theme so it is easy enough for you to head to a theme of your liking and from there discover some awesome going ons. I say this because navigating the schedule can become overwhelming. With so many tracks and so many very cool discussions and workshops on it gets hard to try to plan and then stick to that plan at MozFest.

The first day (Saturday) started off slightly late :) as all good conferences lol, and included some great introductions to the weekend and themes. I headed up to the Open BAdges area for the majority of Saturday. I have written up a seperate blog post about Open Badges and the resources I discovered. It was a great day and well worth the trip, we listend to people discuss real life cases on how they were implementing different Mozilla technologies and also some hands on practicals. There was a great Open Badges workshop

After a full day of amazing technologies and information overload we headed over into the O2 for some drinks at Alphabet City. I stayed for a drink or two but after a long day and another one to come I ended up heading to bed early.

The second day was ran pretty much the same as the first some morning talks on the main stage and then break off into open hack and talk sessions. I spent some of my time in the open badges but also wondered around seeing what else was on display and dropping in on a talk here and there. At the end of the day one of the final talks was from the guatdian journalists about the NSA Snowden papers which was quite interesting as one could imagine.

The final maker faire was awesome, people where showing off things that where made during their workshops over the weekend. It was awesome to see so many differnent types of technlogies on display and also alot of hand made things on display and an emotion game which involved string and paper and well maniquens :) It was overall an amazing weekend and I am still overloaded with information and working hard to get it all out and make sure I share links to the amazing resources and people I was able to meet.