OpenSource Bridge

“Open Source Bridge was a fantastic conference and I would say the premier grass roots Open Source Conference in America. IT is what you expect from a Grass Roots conference, it is full of amazing community leaders. The conference is run in a very unconf type of fashion with the first three days scheduled talks and then a day of unconf.

There where breakout rooms provided where people could just unwind and relax this also provided a safe place for people. There was a lot of care taken by the organisation team to promote a diversity and inclusion and you could see this evident throughout the conference. I overheard a lot of people at the conference state just how welcoming this conference had been and how they wished more conferences had made them feel so welcomed. So on all fronts I would say hats off to the Open Source Bridge Team for making everyone feel so welcomed and achieving the goal of an inclusive conference with an amazing lineup of speakers.

There where a few people I meet there who said they used to go to OSCON but with the price they would prefer to come to OSBridge especially as it is such a grassroots community orientated event. I would say it is going to be hard when the time comes around to pick which conference to attend if I am faced with that terrible decision :/ But I would recommended OSBridge to anyone interested in Open Source, Technology and a down right inclusive, happy, Community driven conference. – June 24 – 27 2014