So after years of living vicariously through Paul Fenwicks and many others of my friends tweets streams around OSCON time, as I was in Portland why not attend and well yeah for being able to teach at Kids Day. There is not much to say here but I saw so many of my long time Open Source pals, meet a ton of new ones and also got to hear and partake in discussions with some brilliant minds in the community leadership space.

So they talk about the main OSCON party and well it is what they say it is. The theme was Earth, Wind, Fire and Water and each corner of the large hall was set up to represent an element. There was an oxygen bar, people dancing in bubbles on water, people breathing fire and for whatever reason I can not remember what represented the earth section… But it was amazing and I got a funny photo booth shot with the most lovely Josh so souvenir achievement unlocked. The night then progressed with various parties such as the lovely Puppet Labs party, which involved more networking and discussions about tech and how all software and hardware will eventually be Open Source 😉

The conference was amazing and after waiting so long, finally being able to attend was amazing. This is definitely a conference that I will keep on going to. Had some great talks about bitcoin with the “”Amazon Open Source Guy”” Paul Berg, hearing some hilarious stories of his recent patent experiences. There is a number of reasons why you will see me there again, it is a premier Open Source Conference and has some of the greatest minds there, it has fantastic networking opportunities, the lineup of talks and speakers was amazing my mind was overloaded and the Community Leadership weekend prior was amazing and I really enjoyed hearing stories from people whom I consider real leaders in the Open Source space and meeting people from projects I was yet to hear of. Looking forward to next year and being blown away by what has become one of my most favourite must do North American Open Source Conferences.