Custom Block Types for WordPress Gutenberg

Recent big news in WordPress has been around the new release of the new Block Editor for Gutenberg. In Gutenberg we now lay our pages out by adding blocks for the type of content /layout/feature we want displayed on the page. Gutenberg comes with a stack of default blocks for adding text, media, layout etc however there are many times when we will want to create out own blocktypes. Key thing to note is that…

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Inspiration Technology

MIT Museum Visit

  During our stop at Boston for Libre Planet Erle and myself decided to do the full geek tour and headed off to the MIT Museum. We were lucky enough to catch the last week of the big data exhibition. I was very happy as this exhibition was awesome and had some great pieces addressing the really important issue of the surveillance state of social media. It was one of the highlight of our visits…

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Libre Planet

“So this was the long-awaited trip to Libre Planet. My best friend Erle and I had spoken of this day for many years, and finally, luck would have it that we both had the time to be able to attend Libre Planet and visit Boston. The conference organisation and updates where great, there was a last minute change in the keynotes which was communicated to all attendees and the wider audience. This change whilst upsetting…

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tronxy 3D Printer Review

So I had been thinking about getting a 3D printer for a while, and as luck would have it whilst I was attending LinuxConfAU I bumped into my friend Chris Biggs who just so happened to be running a 3D Workshop in Brisbane in the coming weekends. The workshop he was running was to build the TronXy 3D Printer http://www.tronxy.com/ the exact model we where building was the Tronxy X3S 3D Printer So I headed…

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