Samsung Pro Chromebook Review

“So I have been contemplating purchasing a Chromebook for awhile, and it seemed I finally had a business need for a device so I was going to get to play with one.

Looking for the right ChromeBook I was lucky enough to be able to play with a bunch of devices in Boston and see how the felt for ease of use etc. I was also lucky enough to be looking for one at the time when Samsung new ChromeBook Pro was $100 off \O/

Choice wise it was far the best bang for your buck, compared with the specs of the machine and screen size/ratio 2400×1600/3:2 LED including touch and built-in pen oh did I mention backlit keyboard? The processor is an Intel¬Æ Core‚Ñ¢ m3 Processor 6Y30 wuth 4MB L3 cache. The graphics are quite good with intel¬Æ HD Graphics 515 (shared memory). It powers off USB C and has a pretty nice webcam at 720p HD and 4GB of storage with an SD slot for easy expansion. Oh and the screen is a 360 rotation so you can turn it into a touch screen tablet style when your just wanting to catch up with some ebook reading.

So far I have been using it when traveling on holidays and I do not want to carry a full laptop but need more then a phone. Also it is great for writing blog posts, nice and easy to take out on the back porch look into the sunset and work on anything that requires alot of typing. Personally I hate being tied to a desk for anything other then code if I dont have to be. So when I am writing documentation etc I tend to enjoy taking a light weight laptop and sitting out in nature for abit, or even just sitting in the lounge room whilst catching up on the news.