VIP IEEE Open Web Party

9th March

So today Barry Teoh and myself went to a speech about Open Web Standards with Tim Berners Lee, IEEE and Adobe on what they are doing to push open web forward…. I had an interesting discussion with Adobe about there stance on Open Web which I did not think was too aligned with what Tim and IEEE are doing. The meeting was good though and it was interesting as it was a small talk about 10minutes then 30minutes of standing around and just talking to people which was different to the normal panel discussions at SXSW.

The other big interesting thing was that we were given VIP tickets to the IEEE Open Web after party with Tim and other people. The after party was great meet some real interesting people and the food was the best so far amazing 4star dinner with good wine and beer always a plus. The other thing we got was a little goodies bag with a bottle opener that states “”Keep the Web Open”” lol.

Oh SXSW you are awesome the people you meet here are amazing and a great chance to actually have a chat with some of the real movers and shakers. It was good to attend an Open Web shindig as most things here are about “”Here is my proprietary application”” so as an Open Source geek I was very proud to be a VIP at this event.