Confoo 2013 Montreal

February 25 to March 1

I have wanted to attend Confoo since 2010 so I decided this year with my trip to North America I just had to fit it in, and I am so glad that I did. The conference was amazing, and as a fangirl of PHP it was great to see so many PHP talks and the quality of them wow not just beginner or mid level talks these are some really deep this is PHP under the hood, this is low level libraries etc and this is how we can re-engineer perspectives of PHP.

The Talks

On top of PHP talks there is talks abotu everything Web, from User Experiences  to HTML5, to CSS pre-processors, Movbile development standards etc etc etc. I was swamped with talks to attend and so many overlapped I sat there in the small downtime between most talks going hmm well this I will get this out of but this one I need to see because of. It very much became a pro and bigger pro decision making on what talk to see. I am happy with the ones I made but sad about the awesome ones I missed. I am planning on coming again next year and applying for a talk as this I think is one of those if your into Web you must see. The caliber of talks was higher then I could of expected and I meet some amazing people there and the evening drinks ended up with geeks discussing everything web and where the next movements for languages and platforms were taking us.

The Lounge Experience

Oh and not to mention the Microsoft sponsored lounge that was awesome there was a 3D printer that by using a Kinect could take a 3D rendered image of your torso/head and then print it out… yep using a Kinect, the awesome thing about this is the maker of makerbot is trying to release a product this year which does just that however this small Canadian company is using this technology right now with a Kinect and some software hats off to them.

Did someone say food?

The food was by far the best I have had at any conference, I am normally used to this kind of meal at the dinner of an event. Every day for the three days we had a sit down 3 course meal. It was served by the Hilton staff and was of a high quality. On the first day we even got given free cakes from PayPal after our lunch. It was awesome and being in the Hilton meant that most guests stayed at the Hilton so the after conference drinks and dinner catch ups were fantastic.

The Verdict

so my verdict? If your coming to North America or have always wanted  to do the trip line it up with Confoo and visit Montreal it is well worth the cost and you will not be disapointed but prepare to be inspired and full of new learning.