Drupal Camp Brisbane

Early flight into Brisbane saw myself and @1and0 leave Sydney at 6:30am… Lisa the Xo was going on her first flight, well the first one since her birth flight from Quanta.

The event has been very well organised by Marmalade Soul, held at the University of Queensland on 05/June. There were two tracks set-up, each track tried to aim at a different audience. There was a good number of people who attended and also a nice diversity mix of Developers, Designers and Users. Was very happy that i saw someone from SunCorp there. Good to hear that the project is still running well and that Drupal 6 has found its way into another Australian Corporate.

Unfortunatley the Taxi driver Mister Taxi52 from YellowCabs dropped us off at QUT 🙁 so we decided to catch the Ferry down to UQ. Due to that though i missed the Ageir and Drush talk…. Doh 🙁 was hoping to catch that one…

Talks Attended:

Ageir and Drush; missed most of this, entered into the talk for last 15mins
Advanced Views; discussion on using arguments, relationships and customized fields
Custom Theming; discussion on creating your own themes etc
Drupal 7 > the good the bad the ugly

Talk given by Sean Bannister – “two years and four months…. expecting two years and six months… aka two months away”

Really wanted to catch this talk as Sean had showed off his Drupal Cards he was sent from Node One to hand out during his talk. Unfortunately the Drupal cards were handed out and as always I was outside talking project management and building Open Source teams.

Discussions on the changes to the menu naming etc. Sean needed no encouragement to show off new Drupal7 admin UI dashboard features.

Expecting release of Drupal 7 in August.