Linux Collaborators Summit

So we jumped on a plane after an Easter in Australia and made it to Lake Tahoe for Snow, a Blues Festival and a Linux Conference.

The Linux collaborators conference was one I had wanting to attend as there are not many conferences that have that many Lawyers in a room who understand what Open Source is let alone work for companies that are growing and fostering Open Source. It was also a great excuse to catch up with some friends and discuss just where we are at in our Industry and how we keep growing new talent and remaining relevant and welcoming for newcomers. There was a fantastic talk on community statistics and also github licensing statistics and the sad state of affairs with the current lack of licenses on github projects. Would enforcing a license as part of creating the repo work? People then just select a default? How do we educate programmers who are so abstracted from the Open Source Licenses?

Alot of great legal talks as expected with some of the top minds in the field discussing the nuances raised in presentations. The dinner for the event was held in a restaurant that we had to ride a very steep and high skyline to get to, oh and had bear warning signs. Hey I am Australian so seeing theses signs whilst I understand that it doesn’t mean a bear will walk around the corner as an Australian it is just quite funny as people always tell you how deadly our spiders are, but this place has bears and they are bigger then spiders 🙂

Was a great weekend and I really appricate the Linus Foundation for letting me attend the weekend and be able to have such great discussions with some of the most brilliant minds in our industry.