PHP Mini Conf at OSDC 2011

So finally we had the PHP Mini Conf at Open Source Developers Conference. We had a good line up of talks and a really great turn out of people. To give people an opportunity to present I added some time at the end for lightning talks which was great as we had a couple of people get up and present their latest PHP project that they are working on.

The response we got back was really good, around all I think we had around 50 to 60 people attend and it was the second most successful mini conf. We only did a half a day mini-conf but there was a group of people who wanted to stay around and keep talking PHP which was awesome. As there was no one else in the room we took over and kept on talking after lunch.

Due to the success of the PHP mini conf I got a request from the Open Source Developers Club to consider running the conference for next year 2012. This sounds like a great opportunity and something I would like to do however I need to make sure that I can get a team together and it was a big task organsing the mini conference so a full three day conference is going to take alot out however hoping that I can have the support of this years team and it wont seem so daunting…

As for the PHP Mini-Conf it would be great to see this continue lets see if we can make it an annual thing? Or even a bi-annual event? anyways thanks PHP Community of Australia you guys and girls are awesome.