Playing with Windows Surface

“I was lucky enough to be handed a Windows8 RT Surface to play with. It is a great tablet one that unlike the Ipad I have been able to actually perform work tasks on. While RT is still limited in the sense that you can not store Desktop applications on it unlike the Windows8 Surface Pro the main navigation and use of Metro Apps remains the same between the two. I like the fact that there is a keyboard attached to the device this means one can actually write a document unlike the Ipad. I know you can get keyboards attached to the IPad but you need to get a stand and a keyboard and etc, whilst the Surface comes with it all onboard.

An interesting thing that Windows have done with Windows8 is combine your Windows accounts aka me@live.com with your local laptop account this means that all your services and even desktop preferences are synced between all devices. This does raise some security risks aka someone gets into your surface account and they have access to all your windows services, this is something that raises some questions and make you think abit more about where you leave it so to speak. However this is also the same with your iapple account aka with cloud sync and device backup to the cloud etc.

I can defiantly see a use for the Windows Surface that fits nicely into that category of more then a current tablet but not a full laptop. When travelling on a plane / train it is easier to use a surface then a full laptop and defiantly more productive from a business sense then an Ipad, which to me has become a glorified video machine. When i first got my ipad it was great I though I could do alot of work with it, and hey it is great in a meeting to show clients the next stage of a website or to take notes. But I soon realised its form factor does not allow as much productivity as I thought it would. I think the surface gives me the productivity that I wanted the Ipad to give me…

Once down fall is the lack of apps, but this is a downfall with Windows Phone devices as well, there is not as many apps for Windows Metro as there is in the Apple Apps Store or Google Apps store. This though also is a maturity of the marketplace Apple has been around for alot longer and Google has a large growing slice of the market while Windows still seems to be grabbing at a small slice. Will this slice grow? I think the Surface will help it to grow but with a market place that is saturated you need something that is going to be different and I think the Surface is different enough to warrant people to grab one but it remains to be seen if Windows can get its marketing right and help people see the difference?”